Union reps propose a pay cap at the Guardian

Union representatives at the Guardian are suggesting that senior executives cap their pay at 100k as they try to come up with ideas to avoid compulsory redundancies at the paper.

In an email to staff on Thursday NUJ representatives stressed the cap would be voluntary. Once the paper’s budgetary problems are behind it, those on 100k or more would revert to their full salary.

It’s a clever idea, if a somewhat mischevious one. Others include encouraging staff to reduce their working hours along with their salaries. The company, which also owns the Observer, is trying to find editorial savings of £7m. The union, and the company, should be congratulated for trying to find ways to save cash without laying off staff. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone sticks their hand up.

PS I was wrongly told this was a management proposal earlier, and got a heap of abuse as a reult. It was an honest mistake. Sorry. I have nothing but respect for the Guardian and was lucky to work there briefly.

PPS here is the relevant section of the NUJ email.

“…in line with the principle of voluntarism, we discussed the potential savings of all those members of the editorial staff who earn six-figure salaries agreeing to cap their income at £100,000 a year until the company has resolved its budgetary problems. Again, we’d like to stress this would have to be a voluntary move – we are not in the business of negotiating away our members terms and conditions.”

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