latest on Guardian and Observer potential job losses

Here is the text of the email sent to staff at the Guardian and the Observer on Thursday December 6th 2012. It details where job cuts will fall if savings can’t be found elsewhere. A few people have told me I was wrong to say compulsory redundancies have been announced. I think the email shows that they are certain to happen, sad thought that it is, but others can judge for themselves. I know journalists fell silent today when they received the email because it details where job losses will fall. Sobering times for two great newspapers.  

Dear colleagues

Yesterday we met with the NUJ and it was agreed that we would circulate the table below which indicates the level of additional redundancies required area by area. The table is based on the assumption that the £7m of saving is made entirely through headcount ie a reduction of 100 FTEs.
To reach 100 we need a further 68 FTEs. The only way the number would come down from 68 is if there were other proposals for permanent savings. The proposal below is based on the size of the teams in each area and the VRs already accepted. So for example in news & pods while the number looks high it is in fact the smallest proposed change in percentage terms. In addition it is assumed that there will be some reduction in content across all areas.
In these circumstances it is extremely important that people who wish to take advantage of the enhanced VR scheme do so before its closure on 14 December 2012. After that any redundancies will happen on the old terms. Please contact xxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxx if you wish to apply.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly


News & Pods    

Editing                                5
Reporting / Writing        8
Production                         9

Comment, Letters & Leaders

Editing                              1
Reporting / Writing      1
Production                        1

Culture, Features, Saturday & Guardian Weekly

Editing                              8
Reporting / Writing       3
Production                        4


Editing                               2
Reporting / Writing       2
Production                        4

Observer core

Editing                                2
Reporting / Writing        2
Production                         4

Design & Graphics           3

Pictures                               6

ESD                                       1

Multimedia                        2

All figures given are FTE  (MY NOTE – FTE = FULL TIME EMPLOYEES)


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